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Recs: Sherlock Omegaverse

Alpha/Beta/Omega or Alpha/Omega (occasionally Alpha/Beta) is a kink trope where some or all people have defined biological roles based on a hierarchical system, with the terms originating from animal behaviour research. There may be werewolf, knotting, or other animalistic elements involved, or the characters may be otherwise purely human.
More info: http://fanlore.org/wiki/Alpha/Beta/Omega

A list with all the Sherlock Omegaverse fics I could find, If you have more just send me the links to add to this list.

John - The BAMF Omega by putigress2012
John may be an omega, but he refuses to bow down to overbearing alphas. When John goes into heat, Sherlock learns this...quite thoroughly.

The 17th by putigress2012
The 17th comes and goes. Sherlock misses John's monthly heat. So does John: Sherlock doesn't take it well at first.

Mine by orphan_account
John is an omega in hiding, Sherlock is a reluctant alpha and Mycroft is a bastard.

Dilaudid by Lintilla (work in progress)
In a world where omegas are coveted by the most exclusive alphas, John Watson chooses to live undercover. With the help of medication, John lives as a beta letting no one know his true nature. After moving in with Sherlock Holmes, the most amazing alpha he's ever met, he wonders how long he can keep his secret.

Taking the Fee by bobross
Once a year, John envies omega and beta women their easy-access plumbing.

Mummy, No Thank You by Unloyal_Olio
Mummy Holmes arranges a marriage for Sherlock. Since Sherlock refuses to meet anyone properly, she must go to one of the breeding camps where older omegas are kept. She finds John Watson. Sherlock and John get along fine, but Sherlock refuses to marry and breed. Mummy decides that John should marry and breed with Mycroft if Sherlock doesn't want to. Sherlock is not happy at all. Thus, a p0rny, case-ficky, dark comedy.

This Kind by General_Button
Omega!John is a priest in a quiet country parish. He takes pills and suppressants to hide his omega-ness (inner fight between religion and homosexuality-mpreg). It's a really quiet palce. Nothing ever happens to him. Until one day there's a murder in the village.

If you can't stand the heat by Velvet_mace (work in progress)
John has always kept kiddden that he was an Omega, so that he could do everything he wanted to do without predjudice. He stopped going into heat using pills. However, for some reason, his pills don't work, and he goes into heat when he and Sherlock are living together. Sherlock breeds him for the whole heat, and confessess to John how he feels about him.



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